Wednesday, August 7, 2013

5 Smart Shopping Tips

I know this is a pretty much a beauty blog but I also like to post about other things that aren't necessary beauty products but relate to beauty.  I just thought I should put that out there before a start this post.

Tip #1: Research
I pretty much always research a product before I buy it.  I find that when I research  products, most of the time I don't usually regret buying them.  I watch YouTube videos and read reviews on a product and most of the time that helps me decide if I think I'm going to like it.  Because I research it i have a better chance of knowing that I will like it so I don't waste my money, especially if I buy something expensive.
Tip #2: Check the Sales
Always check the sale items in a store!  Sometimes you can find really good deals for items on sale, especially in the drugstore.  

Tip #3: Coupons!
Use coupons!!!!  I know Ulta always has a coupon out and most if the time you can find coupons in magazines for drugstore makeup.  Even if the coupon is just for a dollar off you should still use it because then you have a dollar to put toward something else. 

Tip #4: Compare Deals & Prices
Always make sure before you buy something that you can't get it cheaper or a better deal somewhere else.  For example when ever I look at the Ulta website the drugstore makeup is always at least $1 more than if I had bought it at Target.  At Target I can buy a Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush for $6.99 and at Ulta it's $7.99.  You would think that Target would have a better deal but Ulta is having a buy one get one 50% off deal on Maybelline products.  So if I rounded $6.99 to $7 and $7.99 to $8 then added up the total of what it would cost to buy two blushes at each store it would cost $14 at Target and $12 at Ulta.  Even though Target seemed to be the better deal, going to Ulta saved you two dollars and you got a better deal.  Ulta usually has some kind of deal on their drugstore makeup.

Tip #5: Does it come in a travel size?
If you want to try out a product but you aren't sure if you will like it or not, see if it comes in a smaller size or a travel size.  I find especially with more expensive products that have to deal with hair or skincare that I don't want to buy a whole big size of it if I'm not 100% sure I will like it.  A lot of times products will come in smaller or travel sizes and that is a good way to try out a product to see if you like it or not.

Do you have any smart shopping tips that I didn't mention above?  If you do please put them in the comments down below! 

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