Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My First Mac Haul & Experience

So a few days ago I went to the mall to get some new clothes and I decided that I wanted to check out Mac Cosmetics and maybe buy a few things.  If you don't know what Mac is, it is a high end cosmetic brand that you can only buy at a Mac counter or a Mac store.  It isn't sold at Sephora or Ulta.  A lot of people talk about Mac and it is defiantly one of those brands that many many people talk about in the beauty community.  I had went to a Mac counter in Nordstrom at first because when I had gone to look at the Mac store it was quite crowded.   I went on a Saturday night which didn't really help the fact that it was busy so if you want to go to a Mac store and you actually want someone to do your makeup and try colors out on you, I would recommend going on a weekday.  So I was at the Mac counter at Nordstrom which was equally busy and I was talking to this woman and she said that they didn't sell the pan refills and the palettes that you put them in at Mac counters, only at the actual store.  So I went back to the actual store because I was planning on buying a few pan refills and maybe a 2 or 4 eye shadow palette.  So I went to the store and was eventually helped by a woman named April who also turned out to be the manager.  I asked her if the new eye shadow pan refill($10) and palette prices were temporary or permanent.  She told me that they were the new prices so the eye shadow pan refills are $10 and they used to be $12 and some change. So here are the new prices for the palettes:

Pro Palette Eye Shadow x2- $5
Pro Palette Eye Shadow x4- $8
Pro Palette Large/Single- $8
Pro Palette Large/Duo- $8
Pro Palette Eye Shadow x15(insert)- $2
Pro Palette Blush x6 (insert)- $2

Anyways so April did my eye makeup and I ended up buying Naked Lunch, which is a light colored frost eye shadow.  I also ended up buying Sable, which is also a frost shadow but it is a beautiful mix of plum, gold, and bronze.  I also picked up the Pro Palette Eye Shadow x2 to put eye shadows in.  I think it's a better deal to buy pan refill eye shadows because the regular eye shadows are $15 a piece and it just saves you more money to buy pan refills.  I also picked up a Paint Pot in Painterly which was $20 and it is an eye shadow base for those of you who didn't know.  I picked up one more item that I didn't plan on buying which is the 217 Blending Brush and April used this on me and I have been searching for a good blending brush for quite a while now so I had to get it.  I personally love this brush!  I definitely recommend this if you were going to try out a Mac brush.  The brush was around $25 dollars which is quite expensive.  But I think it is really important to own really good quality brushes that will last you many many years.  I am not going to go into to much detail about brushes because I am planning on doing a whole separate post all about brushes.  So all together I spent about $73 which was way more than I planned on spending.  I am not going to be buying a lot of new makeup until around November because I have been buying a lot of makeup lately.  I probably will be picking up some new brushes and odds and ends like that this weekend but other than that I am going to try and not buy any makeup until November.  So overall I am really happy with my Mac purchase and in the future(aka November) I am hopefully going to be buying some more of their products.  I recommend that if you want to try Mac eye shadows,  then buy pan refills just because they save you money.

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  1. My first MAC purchase was a lipstick in the shade Plumful :) I really want the blending brush you're getting because I read online and everyone seem to be loving it!

    Nice blog, just a little suggestion, make the pictures bigger so people can easily see small writings like the on on the back of the paint pot :)

  2. I'm glad you like my blog! I would definatly recommend you get the blending brush, it really is worth the hype! Thank you for the advice, I will definatly be making my pictures bigger from now on.
    -Alex :)