Monday, October 28, 2013

Review: Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm

Hey everyone!  Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been swamped with homework but I'm going to  try to post more regularly again!

Maybe about a month ago I picked up this Almay Liquid Lip Balm from Target.  Now I picked it up because I have been wanting to do a brand review on Almay because I feel like I never hear anyone talking about their products.  Basically this product claims to have the lip conditioning care of a balm with the shiny color of a lip gloss. To be honest I'm not really into lip gloss and I don't own many of them.  I don't like the fact that they are usually sticky and personally I just don't think they look that good on me, I am more of a matte lip person.

Anyways, I picked mine up in the shade "Just Plum Good" which is kind of a darker reddish plum color but nothing to dramatic.  It is a great shade for fall and looks really nice paired with a lip stain.  Now on the website it claims that, "shiny color drenches lips with 2x hydration as lip-loving conditioners provide 194% more moisture for softer, smoother lips over time. non-sticky."


I'm not to sure if it really "conditions" your lips but I do like the fact that it isn't sticky at all.  It also doesn't have any bits of shimmer or glitter in it which I like, it just has a nice glossy finish.  As far as meeting the claims go, it isn't sticky and it does give a shiny color but I don't know if its really hydrating.  I haven't noticed it to dry out my lips or anything, but I am someone who has chapped lips a lot so I'm always wearing lip balm.  So I can't really tell if it is hydrating.

They are about $4.99 at Target and the shade range is pretty good.  They come in 10 different shades, from a bright red to a lilac to a light pink.

So my final thoughts on this product are that I actually like it.  It isn't sticky which is one of the things I hate most about lip glosses and I think it looks pretty good on me.  There is a nice shade range and it is really reasonably priced at around $4.99 because most lip glosses I see at the drugstore can be anywhere from $6 to $8.  This is a really good product for anyone looking for a non sticky lip gloss without any short of shimmer or glitter.  I don't see a lot of "liquid lip balms" out besides this one and the Maybelline Color Elixirs, which just recently came out.  But I think the Maybelline ones sell for around $8.99, which is in my opinion a bit pricey.  I have no clue if they are similar because I haven't tried the Maybelline ones but all I know is that the Almay ones are about half the price.

All in all I am really impressed with this product and I think that I might purchase a few more shades in the future. 

If you have tried this product please let me know what you thought of it in the comments down below.  Also if you have tried the Maybelline Color Elixir please let me know if it is similar to the Almay one.

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  1. Wow I have this to a had about the same results I bought it in lilac love it's a little purple though not my fave lip product as the lip junkie I am, but pretty good

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