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Spring Break Makeup Tips

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Sorry I've been MIA for a while, I have been waist deep in homework.  Anyways today I'm  going to be sharing some tips for doing your makeup when it's a bit warmer outside.  I will also be doing a spring break makeup tutorial on my YouTube channel, so be sure to watch out for that.

Face Makeup: 

  • Sunscreen- It is important to protect you skin from the sun.  Even if your makeup has SPF in it I would recommend putting on some sunscreen before your makeup.  Start doing this a week or two before your break, or before the weather gets warmer to get in the habit of using it.  If you don't wear sunscreen because it breaks for out, check out Neutrogena they make oil free sunscreen that claims to be break out free.
  • Primer- I recommend using a primer that claims to make your makeup last longer.  It is important to use primers all the time but it is even more important when the weather gets warmer.  This can make your makeup go on easier, look better, and last longer.
  • Tinted Moisturizer/BB Cream- Swap out your regular foundation for a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream.  This might not give you as much coverage but it will be lighter on your skin and be a bit more natural looking.  If you really need good coverage then I recommend using a concealer with a medium to full coverage and a light coverage foundation.
  • Concealer- Use a high coverage concealer for spots instead of a full coverage foundation.  Use a concealer that has good staying power and will give you a good coverage for your under eyes.  Set it with your regular powder to make sure it stays in place and prevent creasing.
  • Setting Spray- A setting spray will help to make your makeup last even longer.  You usually can get samples of the Urban Decay setting spray when you order off of their website.
  • Bronzer- Use a matte bronzer with a light hand.  If you are contouring do it lightly and make it look as natural as possible, so you don't have to much heavy makeup on your face.
  • Blush- I also recommend a natural looking matte blush.
  • Highlight- I would skip a highlight unless you wanted to do a cream highlight with a concealer.  I wouldn't recommend adding to much sparkle or shine to your face to avoid looking to shiny.
Eye Makeup:
  • Eye Primer- Just like with your face it is important to use a good primer to make your shadows last longer.  It is especially important if you have really oily eye lids.
  • Eye Shadow - Again I would use matte eye shadows so that you don't look to shiny and you can avoid lots of fall out.  I would make a really simple eye look.
  • Eyeliner- You want to use an eyeliner that you know has really good staying power.  I recommend the Rimmel Scandalize Eyeliner in Nude for your tight line.  It is not as harsh as a black and it makes you look more awake.  It also has pretty good staying power though you will need to touch it up a few times throughout the day.   
  • Mascara- Use waterproof mascara to avoid your mascara smudging.  It also has really good staying power and holds a curl better.  I recommend the waterproof version of the Maybelline The Rocket.
Lip Makeup:
  • I recommend using a lip balm or a tinted lip balm.  If you want more color go with a gloss or a stain, something moisturizing that won't dry your lips out.
I hope you guys found this post helpful!  Comment down below any tips you have for wearing makeup in warm weather.

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