Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Stila Eyes Are The Window Eye Shadow Palettes

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Stila has released four new limited edition eye shadow palettes.  These palettes are already available on the Ulta website(click here for link) and are part of the Fall 2014 Collection.

This is the description found on Ulta's website: "Stila Eyes Are The Windows to the body, mind, spirit and soul. This year, Stila celebrates 20 years of infinite style. Create endless looks with their "Eyes Are The Window" shadow palettes. Inspired by the spiritual notion that true beauty is revealed from within, each palette is curated with 12 luxurious eye shadows to illuminate your inner beauty. Encased in exquisite, jewlery-inspired compacts - a precious mix of rose, yellow and white golds - the shadows will inspire intrigue and delight. Each palette comes with a lookbook curated by Sarah Lucero, Stila's Global Executive Director of Creative Artistry."

I don't know much about these palettes yet but I will be informing you guys when I know more about them.  I do know that these palettes are $49 and seem to have twelve eye shadows in each one.  I have never tired any Stila products before but I defiantly am interested in getting one of these palettes.


Mind Palette (matte)          

Soul Palette (matte, shimmery neutrals)

Body Palette (shimmery jewel shades)

Spirit Palette (iconic Stila popular shades)

Let me know your thoughts on these palettes and which one you think you would be most likely to buy.

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