Monday, September 8, 2014

New Benefit Majorette Cream Blush

Hey everyone!

Benefit just launched a new blush called the Majorette Blush, it is a cream to powder pink-peach blush.

On the Benefit website it is described as, "Pep, poise & popularity! Majorette is your cream-to-powder booster blush. Wear this peppy pink-peach shade alone or under your favorite blush for an instant “pep-up.”   It is a $28 cream to powder blush that is a pinkish peachy shade.

I don't have much more to say about this blush.  I personally probably won't be picking this blush up for a few reasons.  The first being that I have yet to master the art of cream blush so I just stick to powder.  The second being peachy shades aren't that flattering on my complexion and when I where blush it is a more natural light pink kind of flush.

Please let me know your thoughts on this product down below!

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