Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sonia Kashuk Holiday 2014 Collection

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Today I have another holiday collection for you guys! This time it is from Sonia Kashuk and they are a brand sold at Target with makeup, skincare, and brushes.  The prices are a bit more on the higher end as far as drugstore makeup prices go, but the quality is worth it.

This year Sonia Kashuk's Holiday Collection includes: 2 makeup items, 2 brush sets, 3 skincare items(2 sets), and one limited edition makeup bag.  I am assuming everything is limited edition, but feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

 The collection includes:
The brushes in this set include: a domed powder brush, flat top multipurpose brush, angled duo fiber multipurpose brush, foundation brush, eye shadow brush, blending brush, angled duo fiber crease brush, domed pencil brush, synthetic pointed eye liner brush, and lash/brow groomer.
This palate includes five shades of nude lip colors, including: blush nude, beige nude, pink nude, peachy nude, and mauve nude.  It comes in a gold compact with a mirror and a long handled lip brush for application.  The palette has warm and cool nudes and ranges from, " rosey and pink to traditional nude in a satin shine finish, perfect for any skin tone."
This palette seems to have four different shades of eye shadow, including: a matte black, a shimmery brown, a metallic gold, and a creamy white.  The palette includes a mirror and seems to have the same gold packaging as the lip palette.
This set includes four brushes: a powder brush, duo fiber shader brush, angled eye brush, and a smudge brush.  These brushes also come with a carrying bag.  The bag is black with gold zippers trimmed in white and black tassels.
This set includes travel size versions of the Purple Seductia body butter, shower gel, and eau de toilette.  The Purple Seductia scent is one of pomegranate, rose and patchouli.  This set is perfect if you like the scent, it is a great way to sample the different products.
This set includes travel size versions of the Red Promisia body butter, eau de toilette, ad the crème body wash.  The Red Promisia scent is sandalwood, jasmine and vanilla.  Just like the Purple Holiday Seductia Travel Set (what a mouth full) it is a perfect way to sample different products in this scent.
This is a very rich and moisturizing body treatment that melts into the skin and adds a "discreet shimmer and sheen on skin for a subtle glow."  "The formula nourishes skin with Shea Butter, Edelweiss Flower Extract and White Tea Extract. Sweet Almond Protein softens and repairs dry skin while Cassia Angustifolia Seed Polysaccharide, from the exotic Indian healing plant, softens skin and forms a protective moisture barrier to lock moisture into the skin."  It is paraben-free and is suppose to enhance skin tone and neutralize skin's imperfections.
This bag is black with gold zippers trimmed with white and tassels.  It is made out of polyester and the inside is lined.  If you are someone who likes the 1920s or flapper girls, you might like this bag.  It is a very simple bag but has that flapper girl flare with the tassels. 
Let me know your thoughts in the comments!  Love it? Hate it? Planning on buying anything? Tried anything?
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